Philosophy, Food, Fodder

In working on my cookbook, SCRATCH, I’ve come across a question essential to my study: do we cook simply because we like to eat? Hell no! So, why do we enjoy cooking? Any help you can give will be appreciated, perhaps used, and certainly over-analyzed. Give me some fodder here, folks. Thanks!


PattonPottery said...

The more you're involved in preparing something, the better it tastes.

That's about it. The work doesn't have to be done by you, but it does have to be done by a person you know or can meet. It can't be done in an industrial setting.

And of course, the work can be done badly, and you can do too much, but I'll ignore those for the moment.

I realized this not when I was cooking but when I was jazzing up one of those terrible little frozen pizzas. I figured a little mozzarella on top would help. And some thick-sliced pepperoni. And some feta.

That doesn't speak directly to why we cook, but it does give a point of entry into discussion (I hope).

Warren said...

I enjoy cooking because of the rewarding feeling it gives me, like the feeling of giving someone a present that you spent a long time looking for. They could be big or elaborate and even expensive, but the best ones usually are simple and from the heart.....like good food.

mwiegers said...

I get into cooking, partially because I have to feed those who join me at my table, and I don't think this is a bad thing. Cooking is about community. If I'm alone for a dinner, do I lovingly cook up the best meal ever? No, I go for an easy meal. For me, cooking is about creating a good, healthy meal that will bring us all together for a little while.