Last night, Chris had a fun idea: serve celebrity chefs the food they put their faces on and see how they score their creations. A little under the weather, Chris requested chicken noodle soup. Without time to make a batch—I’ve used up all the homemade stock in my freezer—I bought him a can of Wolfgang Puck’s Organic Chicken & Egg Noodle Soup. He wasn’t especially impressed with the top chef’s version and proceeded to doctor with Alchemy’s fix-all Easygoin’ Seasoned Salt and pepper.

Tyler Florence and Applebee’s, Rachel Ray and Dunkin Doughnuts: a few million bucks certainly soothes the ego into submission and makes for a happy mug on a menu board.

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PattonPottery said...

Emeril and toothpaste.

PS: Tyler Florence is from Greenville, SC.