Bar Life & Lobster Looping

In the past weeks, I’ve had the chance to visit my two favorite bars. Zeno’s, in State College and below street-level, is tobacco-toned, beer-rich, and faultlessly pub-like. Zeno’s makes you feel like you have something interesting to say—maybe to yourself, maybe to the forensic anthropologist beside you—or it makes you feel that you have nothing to say at all, because taking it all in seems more intelligent still.

The Flora-Bama on, you guessed it, the Florida-Alabama line is wholly other: an encampment of shacks, tents, and stages sutured together on the white Alabama sand. Bras drape the rafters, high-alcohol Bushwackers abound, and there is no reason to think about anything except the Royal Reds, the honky-tonk cover band, and the few perfect moments eked out amid the Flora-Bama’s grit and grime.

To add to the raucous perfection, the Bama has installed a new attraction: two you-catch-‘em-we-cook-‘em Lobster Zone machines, modified versions of the stuffed-animal claw game. For two bucks, you get one try to position and drop towards a tasty crustacean—some with a $10 bill rubbed-banded to one delicious claw. I chose the lobster in the front, right corner and looped him, but, sadly and somewhat expectedly, he wriggled from the giant grab.

My husband always defines his favorite bars as places where judges are sitting with janitors—at either of these, you likely to find table-fulls of wild match-ups and wild stories to boot. At the Flora-Bama don’t be shocked if the judges are the ones in bare feet!

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life! said...

Great comments and very accurate about the "Florabama". Thank you for mentioning my 2 "The Lobster Zone" machines. People actually do catch them. I am sorry you didn't. I have "The Lobster Zone" machines in several states, but we are always looking for distributor/operators in other areas so that more people can enjoy a $2.00 lobster dinner. The lobsters motto is "Catch me if you can!". Thanks again for your comments.