Shitake Success

We had our first growth on our shitake log! I’m thrilled! After waiting (and waiting, nine months of waiting) for a sign of life, Chris moved the log to a location where it would get more rain water. Presto! Mushrooms in March!
I love the growth of mushrooms—from stub-ling to substantial overnight. Perfect for the impatient. And one of my favorite foods to boot. Tonight, assuming their caps have popped, I will harvest the first of them and sauté them in butter.

The caps had, indeed, popped to parasols on many of the shitakes, so I harvested them with a paring knife (is this the best means?) and proudly carried them to the cutting board in a kitchen towel. It was serene, somehow, to harvest and eat them within the same hour.
Unlike our local grocery’s shitakes which are often tough, these Chevalier shitakes were extraordinarily tender and more subtle in flavor, soft all-around. See them here in the skillet and, following, plated with our meatloaf, Dijon mashed potatoes, and peas with bacon and shallot.

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